Each day we offer headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Qatar, Gulf Times: “Upside Down Barber”
You mean he shaves down there rather than up there?

UK, The Independent: “40 Stone Teen Found”
Under the rock or is he the rock?

Sweden, The Local: “Booze Monopoly Investigated”
I give this one burp as a story.

Australia, The Age: “Call Me Nasty, Call Me Cruel”
Call me Dick Cheney.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Copenhagen Wins Danish Cup”
Who else would, the Huns?

Finland, Sanomat: “Red Cross Appeals For Blood Donors”
The Dracula family lined up until they realized it was the giving not receiving blood line.

Yemen, Yemen Times: “Why Do We Need To Learn A Foreign Language”
To understand other people?

Sweden, The Local: “Court Finds Under-Robe Rubbing Not Masturbation”
It was just an itch that stood at attention before flowing.

China, China Daily: “Afghanistan’s Only Pig Quarantined”
I believe we can say without fear of contradiction the pig epidemic is over.

Bahrain, Khaleej Times: “Woman Accuses Doctor of Harassment”
I didn’t know there were doctors of harassment.