Each week we offer a survey of headlines that appeared in the world press.

Sweden, The Local: “Sex Education A Must”
I trust it involves experiential learning.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Fired For A Bottle Of Water”
What do you expect when he works for Bush breweries?

Norway, Norway Post: “Fear Misuse Of Intelligence Information”
I assume the misuse is actually using it.

UK, Guardian: “It Takes Guts To Remain Childless”
But, it sure helps raise the bank account.

China, China Daily: “Beijing Ready For Lethal Injection”
Of truth and honesty?

South Africa, Argus: “Alleged Rapist Caught”
Was he fleeing from a rape or an alleged rape?

China, Shanghai Daily: “First Gay Pride Festival Closes”
Hopefully, on a happy note.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Danish Hot Dogs Delight Swedes”
But, I doubt if they please a baseball crowd.

USA, New York Post: “Michelle Obama Does Not Wear Fur”
Wow, that really makes me feel better in this recession.

Australia, West Australian: “Models Strip In Lingerie Store”
And, this is what is termed ‘news?’