Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “It’s A Dirty Job’

But, a necessary one smearing   Barack Obama

New Zealand, New Zealand Herald:  “I Hope He Suffers”

And, his name is Rupert Murcoch

Norway, Norway Post: “Should Have Been  Aborted”

As far as anti-abortion folk are concerned, the black dude should have been aborted.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “Facebook  Loses Friend”

How about losing fifty million and ending this exercise  in trivia?

Kuwait, Kuwait Times:  “Sex Crimes Kept Quiet”

Sex crimes don’t both me, financial do!

Sweden, Local:  “Retarded Doll”

Her name is, Sarah Palin.

Russia, Moscow Times:  “Russia’s New Propaganda Minister”

His name is, Vladimir Putin.

South Africa, Argus:  “Clean Hall With Fire”

Who needed the hall in the first place?

USA,aol:  “Rich Pay Poor”

Not in the USA!