Each week, we present headlines that appeared in the world press, along with our comments on them.


Australia, West Australian: “Minister Quits Over Sex Act In Parliament”
What’s the big deal, members of parliament have been sex acting us to death for years.

Sweden, The Local: “Prostitutes Want to Pay Taxes”
Now, if we can get the other prostitutes, the ones running corporations, to pay taxes, we would be in a better position.

Qatar, Arab Times: “Doctor Charged With Assaulting Patients”
I assume they are referring to the bills.

United Kingdom, The Independent: “Underwear Police Minister Sacked”
I guess he was caught with his drawers down.

Norway, Aftenposten: “Malpractice Kills 2,000 Yearly”
But, how much does practice kill each year?

Finland, Helsinki Times: “Butchers Meet Rossters
This is one story not to crow about.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Minister Apologizes For Bird Poo Stand”
I guess he was really deep into it.

Sweden, The Local: “Sex Games In swedish High School”
This is one way to cut down on absenteeism.

Bahrain, Khaleej Times: “Nigerian Preacher With 86 Wives Gets Reprieve”
He sure is entitled to one, at least a night off.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Fewer Know Bible”
I think even fewer care what it says.

Lativia, Baltic Times: “We are Not Crooks”
Thieves, maybe, but not crooks.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Happy Meal Toys Hurt Hearing”
I think they do a lot more hurting to the stomach.

Norway, Aftenposten: “Fewer Ports of Call”
I guess that means fewer ladies to receive the calls.