Each day we offer samples of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post:  “Samba,Sand, Sex And Politics”

No comment!

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald:  “He Who Named He Must Not Be He”

Her, he is.

Norway, Norway Post:  “Sex Videos Stir Graduation Ceremony”

Frankly, more interesting than the speaker!

USA, NY Daily News:  “Our Annual Distortion”

He was born in Kenya!

Sweden, Local:  “Tooth Fairy State”

In Republican USA, cutting taxes on wealthy leads to new jobs!

France, Le Monde:  “Piracy As Good Policy”

The plea of US businessmen when robbing the public.

UK, Guardian:  “Drunk Driver Notches 6th Conviction”

I wonder how many he would earn if sober?