Headlines of the Week

Each week, we present some interesting headlines which appeared in newspapers throughout the world.

Australia, The Age: “Man Mistakenly Barbecues Car”
He was careful to use the famous l’oil de Jiffy Lube for seasoning.

Sweden, The Local: ‘Porn King Sells Shares In Football Club”
I guess this is the end of using a naked reverse play.

Norway, Aftenposten: “Security Guard Gets Child Porn Sentence”
He was condemned to write on the black board two thousand times, “I will not
distribute child porn.”

Yemen, Yemen Times: “Legal Experts Visit Law College”
I don’t get it, legal experts visit a law college AFTER it has been established.

Sweden, The Local: “Fetishit Convicted For Molesting Bicycles”
I believe something in this story really sticks out about crime.

Kuwait, Arab Times: “Negative Effects Of Buying Vote”
A nation winds up with George Bush as president.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Talking City Bins”
I believe this is simply another trash talking story.

Oman, Arab Times: “Green Alens Visit UK Files”
George Bush is right about the missing WMD, it is a univeral concern.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Is American Beer Any Good?”
I don’t know about our beer, but our beer bellies will match anyone in the world.

Finland, Sanomat: “Drive In Speed Dating”
This is what we term a whirlwind romance.

England, Reuters: “Former Minister To Chair Zoo Board”
Mr. Charles Bear will join the board which is led by the Lion family and
he promises not to panda or monkey around. He promises to be as silent as
a mouse.

Germany, Der Spiegel: “Are Airline Urinals Aboout To Take Off?”
It’s not their take off that bothers me so much as their landing.

Australia, West Australian: “Cherie Blair’s Heart Sank On Bush Win”
Her heart may have sank, but the American people wound up in the dumps.

Iran, Tehran Times: “Partents Board Fight-Forget Toddler”
The main thing is their luggage got on safely, the kid wll have to toddle along

Sweden, The Local: “Woman Found Dead After Treatment Centre Stabbing”
This is one hospital that makes certain when you’re dead, you’re dead.