Each week we offer a survey of headlines that appeared in the world press accompanied by our own comments.

Canada, Toronto Star: “Is Sewage Fertilizer Safe”
It depends on your nose, not your brain.

Argentine, Buenos Aires Herald: “Nine Billion Dollars Flees Argentine”
I’m hot on the trail of this one.

Sweden, The Local: “Drunk In Charge of Lawnmower”
Big deal, we have a drunk in charge of America.

Kuwait, Arab Times: “It Pays To Go To Indian Toilet”
Now, you know the origin of the name, “the Untouchables.”

Norway, Aftenposten: “Store Refuses Selling Cigarettes To Pensioner”
Of course, because in later years he could develop cancer.

Qatar, Arab Times: “Muslim Court Declares Dead Man To Be Muslim”
With a name like Rabinowitz!

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Sex Used As Punishment For Shoplifting”
I believe someone is confused, the object is lowering, not raising crime rates.

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Religious Divorce Ritual”
Two people go before the Inquisition in order to stretch out the truth.

Bhutan, Bhutan Times: “Temple Thieves Get Life”
Is that in heaven or hell?

Yemen, Yemen Times: “The Saudis Have Got It All Wrong”
The women sit in the back seat, not in the driver’s seat.

Sweden, The Local: “Manure Pit Murder”
Something smells wrong about this case.

Kuwait, Gulf Times: “Old Age Home For Elephant”
I’ll ponder on this one for a long, long time.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Man Bites Dog That Bit Dog”
Did he after go around bow wowing about his achievement?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Bathtub Killer Wants To Get On With His Life”
He just wanted to flush out of his life bad experiences.

Sweden, The Local: “My Love Affair With A Dental Technician”
It was love at first bite.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Pope Strike Still On”
Anyone caught praying will be considered a scab.

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “Health Minister Refuses Summons”
He was ill disposed to obey the request.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Only Way Is Up”
Not, if you are the Devil.

Belgium, Belgian Expatica: “Joint Police Stations For Tourists”
In these stations, tourists give directions to the police.

Have a good one.