Head’s Away In Afghanistan

On one hand, US military leaders insist the situation in Afghanistan is getting better. The Taliban are on the run and al-Qaeda is close to collapse so things are looking up. Generals insist we have a head start on the road to peace and security in this land so far away, but so close to our hearts when it comes to peace. Last week, a security guard working for the President’s brother took out a gun and blasted him to heaven–or wherever was his final destination. Poof went the gun and poof went the president’s brother. Yesterday, there was another poof. A suicide bomber hid his bomb under a turban, and walked up to the mayor of Kandahar City, and poof went the man along with the mayor. The mayor had been involved in a conflict over where houses could be built so it is entirely possible the bomber was connected to housing issues instead of connected to the Taliban.

in other words, within a week, two powerful men were sent to heaven –or wherever they go– due to the Taliban. The President of the US assures the nation we are withdrawing troops. So, what happens if US troops depart and the Taliban arrives to conduct suicide bombings? Do we return?