Headscarf Knot In Turkey

There are individuals in this world who waste their time being concerned with minor issues such as ending poverty, avoiding war or reforming schools so it is reassuring to learn political leaders in Turkey are focusing on the most critical issue facing humanity– should Muslim girls be allowed to wear the headscarf in a university classroom? The Republican People’s Party(CHP) is being torn to pieces because some of its leaders have suggested rewriting the party’s platform and supporting the right of females in college to wear the headscarf on university grounds. This issue faces a major conflict because on October 29, President Gul will have a reception which is open to guests and his wife will appear wearing her headscarf. Should CHP leaders attend the party and, perhaps be photographed in a public place with a woman who is wearing the headscarf?

OK, there are historic reasons for being concerned with Muslim religious symbols since few in Turkey wish to witness the emergence of a fundamentalist religious government which enforces Sharia law. But, the European Union is demanding that Muslim girls be given the right to wear the headscarf in schools or public buildings. There is need for those seeking preservation of the secular heritage to give in slightly and allow a headscarf now and then.