Headscarf Or Not?

The ongoing controversy over wearing of the headscarf continues to bedevil leaders of the Turkish nation. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of the opposition party, (CHP) challenged Prime Minister Erdogan to express a clear idea on where he stands regarding if females should be allowed to wear a headscarf while attending college. The opposition leader was concerned at rumors Erdogan was pushing to allow young girls to wear the headscarf in lower grades of school. “Wearing the headscarf, ” said Kilicdaroglu, “at elementary and high school is not possible, the child is manipulated by her mother and father at home.” By removing a girl’s ability to make an informed choice it means parents, not young females are shaping behavior in school.

The debate has gone on and on. Perhaps, it is time to abide by European Union suggestions that would allow college age females to make the decision about headscarves and get the government out of the discussion.