Headscarf War Continues In Denmark

The issue of whether Muslim women who wear the niqab and cover their face are allowed to ride on public transport in Copenhagen continues being a source of conflict in the Danish city. Travel on public transport by people who purchase a monthly pass requires them to have a photo ID in order to verify if they are the person who has the right to use the pass. Muslim women traveling on public transport have their picture taken when being issued a monthly pass but when they get on a bus, many drivers want them to remove the niqab so they can determine if the masked woman is really the woman on the pass.

The Danish driver union is backing bus drivers who demand removal of the niqab so they can check faces. Perhaps, a moment of reality is needed. Exactly how many Muslim women are going to go through the bother of getting their picture taken so they can have a monthly pass and then try to cheat the poor bus driver. How about just taking the woman’s word for it? Exactly how many times per month will the woman be lying? In this dispute, common sense is hard to find.

Honest, Danish bus drivers, there are only a handful of Muslim women who borrow a friend’s pass and try to pass themselves off as the woman on the ID.