Headscarf War In Bellgium

For some strange reason, many European nations believe what a girl wears on her head is among the greatest issues confronting their societies. Many Muslim girls in Antwerp protested when the Royal Atheneum school joined the rest of the city in banning Muslim girls from wearing a headscarf. In Belgium, schools decide whether or not to allow this issue to become an issue by banning or not banning the headscarf. The ban policy began in Roman Catholic schools which forced many Muslim girls to enter public schools in order to remain true to their religion.

One Muslim girl has filed a complaint with the Belgian Council of State which previously had said such bans were only legal if all Flemish schools agreed to the ban. Flemish schools have also issued a ban on the Jewish yarmulka and Christian crosses. The unanswered question is what is the end goal of these bans? What is the problem!!