Headscarf Wars Rage In Denmark

Nations of the world are experiencing serious economic problems, people are losing their homes due to inability to pay mortgages, but to some in this world, the key issue is what is worn on top of the head. The Danish Police Department has decided to take a firm stance in defense of the inalienable right of police personnel to go around with bare heads. Chief Constable Lene Frank told the press: “As the uniform regulations are right now, it is not permitted to wear headscarves uniform.” She insisted no police person had challenged the headscarf issue, and if one did, their request would be examined. The Danish parliament actually discussed this issue and came down with the solution one could wear a headscarf but not the full length hijab when addressing the assembly.

I guess this issue is very important to some people. They remind me of those in the 1960s who were violently upset when young men wore their hair long. It is much ado about nothing.