Headscarved Deputy In Belgian Local Parliament

Each day we present headlines that appeared in world newspapers along with our comments.

UK, The Independent: “Boy And Girl Expelled From Boarding School”
I assume they were bonding instead of boarding.

Germany, The Local: “Swine Flu Could Claim Lives”
Now, you tell me!!

Israel, Jerusalem Post: “New Regulations Doesn’t Complicate Conversion”
Just say three Hail Marys and you are in.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Cher’s Daughter To Become Man”
That’s very dear of her.

Copenhagen Post: “Times Like This Made For Comedy
Just tune into any “news” program on Fox News to hear comedians presenting the news.

UK, Guardian: “Malawi Approves Madonna Adoption”
I’m glad Madonna finally found a home and a family.

Sweden, The Local: “Failing Grade Given Swedish Beaches”
For some reason they are not adjacent to water.

Kuwait, Kuwait Times: “Insulting President A Crime”
I guess we’ll have to imprison about fifty million Americans who insulted George Bush.

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Principle Has Been Abandoned By Principals”
It is to the corner and a dunce hat for this breach of education.

Norway, Nettavisen: “Hope Is Diminishing”
That Republicans can identify an intelligent idea that doesn’t include cutting taxes on the wealthy.