Headscarves Are The Issue

A visit to any secondary school or college anywhere in the world reveals young people dressed in rather unusual costumes.But, for some strange reason huge numbers of people are most upset if some females wear a veil. To some in the western world a French Muslim woman or a Muslim woman in Sweden who voluntarily decides to wear a veil is somehow violating the moral values of society. On August 16th, a Swedish man assaulted a pregnant Muslim woman who was wearing the veil and shouted insults to her about being an oppressed Muslim female. Thousands of Swedish woman from all religious faiths have decided to wear a veil in order to demonstrate support for the right of Muslim women to wear the veil. Attacking women for any reason is an example of a hate crime.

How about becoming angry at women who wear tattoos? I assume a woman who wears revealing clothes that allow any man to see her breasts is OK, but a woman who covers her breasts but wears a veil threatens the survival of Western Civilization.