Health Care Obama Care Or Whatever!

The Affordable Care Act which Republicans term, Obamacare, was declared constitutional  due to a vote by Chief Justice Roberts who held requiring participation in health insurance was in accord with the right of Congress to legislate on interstate commerce. Finally, the United States of America will join the rest of civilized societies and offer health insurance to one and all. It took the United States until 1935, about fifty years after Germany had social security, it took the United States years after most European societies had unemployment insurance, but, by golly, we finally joined the rest of “those Europeans!”

Republicans are furious at the Affordable Care Act which is based on ideas from Republican leaders over the past forty years. The bottom line is if Obama had NOT proposed this law, Republicans would have proposed a similar law and gotten credit. The storm in a teacup revolving about this law is much ado about nothing. Every modern society requires some form of  health insurance for its citizens.

There are unconfirmed reports Mitt Romney is happy that America finally got around to making legal his health care program. But, he is a modest man and we doubt he will take credit for this law.