Healthy Options Open To Governors

The Supreme Court has ruled that health care for Americans is perfectly legal just as it has previously ruled that Social Security is legal even though people are “forced” to pay taxes. It is the 21st century and the United States of America finally has caught up with other industrial nations. Republican governors face a dilemma. The Affordable Care Act pays for expanding Medicare and this would mean  millions for them of free money. Should they jump at this opportunity to provide medical care for citizens of their states or should they wait on Romney care?

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell says “most governors are going to do what is right for their states” and he at the present moment is “evaluating” what is best for Virginia. Fellows and gals, we are discussing HEALTH CARE for people. Germans, Swedes, Italians and whoever has national health insurance for their  citizens, what is the problem?

I guess some would prefer waiting until President Romney institutes Romneycare which requires all to participate in this compulsory scheme. Affordable Care Act is caring, communism it is not.