Healthy Vs Unhealthy Views

On Christmas Day I encountered several members of my family who hate Barack Obama and even more hate the Obamacare health plan. BUT, reality is that each of these people is in need of health insurance, and, lo and behold, Obamacare reduces what they would pay to obtain it. So, they joined the exodus of those who hate “the government” creating a health insurance plan and are currently contented members of those in Obamacare. Such is the dilemma for members of the Republican party. By next November when elections occur to decide who will be in the US Congress, millions of Americans such as my relatives will have health insurance. So, what do Republicans promise the American people:

1. We will end Obamacare and take away your health insurance.

2. We will end Obamacare and replace it with a health insurance plan that provides equal care at the same rate.

3. We will end Obamacare and leave you to find a private health insurance plan.

4. Keep Obamacare and improve it.

Oh, what a jolly war awaits the Republican party.

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