Heaven Is A Socialist Paradise

This is provided for those who dislike Socialism and believe in Heaven.

In Heaven:

No one has ambition since it is left at the gate.

No one pays for speeches.

There are no “rich” to defend in Heaven–everyone is equally rich.

Glory is reserved to God.

No one rushes to hear Rush speak.

Sorry, Sarah, you will not be sitting on the right hand of God.

God changes color each day of the week.

Everyone has government sponsored free health care.

There is no money, people take what they want.

If you are interested in wrestling matches, you will have to go down to the other place.

No guns are allowed since peace reigns for all–including animals.

The New York Knick basketball team wins the championship every seven years.

Anyone who says he/she is a member of the Republican Party has their mouth washed out for speaking foul words.