Hedge Funds, Obama, FBI

The New York Times contained two interesting stories, one concerning increased power for the FBI to engage in surveillance of Americans and the other dealing with recent efforts by President Obama to rebuild bridges to Wall Street folk in preparation for hitting them for campaign donations. Obtaining funds from the wealthy is among the most important industries in this nation, so who could deny Obama a few hundred million or so. I gather the president wants to reassure Wall Street folk that he is not against the wealthy becoming even wealthier. A noble goal, if you ask me. Apparently, those in Hedge Funds regard Barack Obama as some sort of “liberal” whose policies are “way off to the left” and close to: SOCIALISM!

I can well understand the attitude of Hedge Fund folk. After all, this past Christmas they were reduced to bonus payments of ONLY $130 BILLION. No, I did not write, MILLION, I wrote, BILLION. In the Socialist tyranny of Obama, business corporations in America ONLY possess about $1 TRILLION in corporate accounts. Obviously, that money will not be invested in hiring American citizens since it is headed for low cost industrial areas of the world.

Oh, the FBI issued new regulations which enable agents to extend surveillance of anyone they “suspect” of being a criminal. They can check your garbage, check your email, check your friends, check the books you check from the library, check, check, check.

I voted for Barack Obama. I cried when he got elected. Now, I cry reading about this friend of the wealthy who lacks any jobs program for the unemployed. He spends his days and nights with Hedge Fund folk.