Helen Thomas On Jews And Power

Throughout the 20th century one of the endearing myths spread by those who hated Jews was there supposed control over every aspect of human life. From Hitler to Henry Ford to Father Coughlin, the word was out that Jews controlled the Communist movement and they decided what went on in Wall Street firms. Helen Thomas has been a reporter for over half a century and certainly is aware of how anti-semitism develops and is spread. According to Ms. Thomas, Jews have not faced any persecution “since WWII…If they were, we’d sure hear about it.” Well, Ms. Thomas, let’s examine the record:
1. In post war Soviet Union the Stalin government pursued a vigorous anti-semitic program that resulted in the deaths of thousands.
2. In the aftermath of WWII, when Jews returned to former homes in Poland they were assaulted and dozens killed.
3. The US Supreme Court did not strike down as unconstitutional restrictive covenants which prevented American Jews from equal access to housing.
4. During the anti-Communist hysteria of Senator Joe McCarthy, Jews were constantly cited as in the pay of communists.
5. After the creation of Israel about 750,000 Jews fled for their lives from Arab nations.

Yes, Ms. Thomas raises valid questions and concerns of the influence of Jewish lobbyists in Washington. As far as she is concerned, “it’s not a secretg, it’s very open…Everybody is in the pocket of the Israel lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood”

Yes, there are Israel lobbies.
Yes, they exert power.
There are lobbies for many groups and when it comes to funding how about money pouring from the Koch brothers and their campaign against the unemployed and unions?