Hell Knows Congo!

Over 9,000 humans have died in Syria, several thousand died fighting in Libya, a few thousand have died in Gaza or in Israel asa result of bombers, and the world is furious at these deaths. But, in the Congo at least FOUR MILLION HUMANS HAVE DIED and SILENCE REIGNS IN THE WORLD! Guillaume Sadik Bantu watched his brother get sliced to pieces, he has watched hundreds of women get raped or mutilated even while UN PEACEKEEPERS stood idly by refusing to halt these massacres. As Sadik noted, “we are the orphans without a mother or father, we are an abandoned people.”

The world claimed after the Holocaust that never again would such murder of people be ignored. Of course when it occurred in Cambodia, nothing was done, when it occurred in Rwanda nothing was done, and it continues to occur in the Congo and silence is the response.

We humans are either a people without memory or we are a people who simply refuse to halt the massacre of those who inhabit far off lands. Oh, but we will take food to the homeless on Christmas Day! Hurrah!