Hello, Killer of People!

Conflict in India between the Muslim minority and the Hindu majority has been going on for many years. On occasion, this war of words and deeds has led to murder of innocent people who are stirred up with fear and hate about their opponents.n 2002, a disaster occurred when a fight broke out between Muslims traveling on a train and some Hindus.The conflict widened into mobs roaming the streets seeking Muslims to kill that day in the state of Gujarat. The leading Hindu politician in the state was Narendra Modi, who had the power to order police or army units to prevent the slaughter of Muslims which was occurring in the streets of towns and villages. He did absolutely nothing and the world viewed him as a person not desired to travel into their land.

Years passed and memories passed. Gradually one nation after another decided to grant Mr. Modi recognition as a distinguished leader since he headed the Nationalist Bharatiya Party which is rather strong in many areas of India. Nancy Powell, the American ambassador to India decided to greet the Hindu leader with warmth. He is now free to travel to America and tell audiences about his heroism in assisting in the murder of over 2,000 Muslims,