Helping American Jobless

I realize Republican Congressmen do not wish to raise taxes in order to provide financial support for those without work. In fact, they are most interested in providing funding to those who make millions since a wealthy person is going to purchase 100 bottles a milk each day, 250 loaves of break and dash down to the car dealer for ten made in America cars. But, there is a simple way to ensure even those who are unemployed receive money to support their families. In the election for governor of California last November, Jerry Brown, the Democratic candidate spent $36.5 million on gaining victory. His opponent, Meg Whitman spent $178.5 million in order to lose. What about a law which allows wealthy people who know they cannot win an election to donate the money to those unemployed and we will give them a tax deduction? Instead of Meg running out to purchase ten steaks tonight, she will donate the money to the fund which supports the jobless. Meg will be adored in California, and, who knows–perhaps in 2014 she might even come within a hundred thousand of her opponents victorious total.

Between Bloomberg, Whitman and all the other wealthy folk who run for public office we could make a head start on reducing the deficit.