Heresy–The Worse Crime?

For many religious people, hatred toward those who are part of the religion, but have different interpretations as to its meanings are regarded with greater hatred than toward those of other religions. The Ahmadiyah are a branch of the Muslim religion in Indonesia who have several different ideas about the religion, and this has resulted in persecution, hatred and even violence toward its members. The government of Indonesia has refused to accept pleas by some Indonesian Muslims to disband the religion. Amien Rais, former head of the second largest Muslim organization in the country, argues, “Amadiyah is indeed misleading , but the followers also have a right to live,a and they must be disbanded if they try to sabotage the nation, not because of their belief that(Muhammad) was not the last prophet.” He dislikes this group but fears if one group is disbanded it will only encourage attacks on other groups. The Amadiyah began during the 1920s and its members have been attacked and persecuted since they claim to be Muslims, but also do not agree with standard interpretations of the relgion.

In recent weeks there has been a significant increase in attacks upon the Amadiyah. Of course, in such debates as to what a founder of a religion occur, one is left with a question: exactly how does anyone know what the founder exactly said?

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