Herman Cain Runs Minstrel Show

White conservatives hate Barack Obama and accuse him of sins ranging from not being a Christian(he is a secret Muslim) to not being born in America, but for some strange reason, Herman Cain is welcomed as a good Christian–of the dark complexion, that is. Why? He employs old fashioned “Negro expressions” such as “shucky ducky,” or “cornbread”which in olden days was associated with Negroes eating cornbread, friend chicken and cooling it off with watermelon. In other words, he plays the typical black character in a minstrel show and whites applaud the simple minded black skinned person.

Obama went to Harvard! Hell,not decent obedient black man went on to one of those white elite colleges! Heck, could you expect Obama to step into the gutter when a white man and woman walks down the street? Of course not. But, Herman Cain would and make a shucky ducky comment with a big grin to let the white folks know that he knows his place in life.

Shucky-Ducky to Herman!