Herman Raising Cain With Perry

Herman Cain is upset at his rival from Texas who he blames for spreading stories about his involvement in a sexual harassment case while head of a restaurant association. Among those who spread the tale was Chris Wilson, a current Perry aide, who claims to have seen the actual harassment and insists the woman was “very uncomfortable.” Cain claims other Perry people are also spreading the story because they want to halt his great crusade  to take back America from the wrong kind of black guys.

These are the times that test men’s souls and Herman is experiencing a heck of a lot of testing of soul. Liberals don’t like him, Rich Perry doesn’t like him, Newt and Mitt and Sarah and Michele don’t like him, but recent reports  indicate his dog does like him–very much. And, let me make clear, his dog is white!

For the record, there are no reports he sexually harassed any animal-non human, that is!