Hero Or Criminal?-China And EU Disagree!

The European Union human rights award to Chinese dissident, Hu Jia, has aroused fury in the Chinese government which denounced the award as “gross interference in China’s domestic affairs.” Chinese officials said they had warned the European Union that giving such recognition to Hu Jia was a deliberate insult since in their eyes he is simply a “criminal.” American State Department spokesperson, Gordon Duguid, said his government is “deeply concerned about the imprisonment of human rights activist, Hu Jia, and have pressed the Chinese authorities for his immediate release on many occasions and at the highest level.” There is hope that recognition by Europe of Hu Jia’s work for human rights would demonstrate to Chinese authorities the man they term a “criminal” is viewed as a hero in the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, in so many of these cases, Chinese officials fear being viewed as “giving into pressure” and will wait for several months if they decide to release Hu Jia. The issue of “face” still remains among the most important to many nations in the world.