Heroic Turks!

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan is a man who carefully selects each word expressed in public. During the past two weeks as demonstrations were seen all over Turkey this man of good will has worked as hard as he can to ensure there are more demonstrations, more violence and more anger among members of Turkish society. The entire episode began when Erdogan pushed construction of a mall which entailed destruction of a park. Turkish men and women asked to discuss the situation but he is the PRIME MINISTER and people are  supposed to listen and accept what he decreess.

Police used tear gas, they beat up defenseless people and even many of its own members were upset at the death of some demonstraters and injury to thousands. But, to Recep Erdogan, the police action was “heroic” since they confronted and defeated unarmed folk. They did this, according to Erdogan, for 48 hours “without eating or drinking anything.” Wow! I guess they did not even piss or shit for two days. Wow!