He’s The Caliph, Not Me!

President Bashar al-Assad is rather upset because the Turkish prime minister makes nasty remarks as to how he handles the people in his nation. Assad regards himself as defender of secularism in the Middle East and warns the world that Turkey wants to impose the Muslim religion on all people who reside in the region. “Erdogan thinks that if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over in the region–especially in Syria– he can guarantee his own political future. He personally thinks he is the new Ottoman  sultan and that he can control the region as it was during the Ottoman Empire. In his heart, he thinks he is a Caliph.”

Assad raises an interesting issue– is the secular nation of Syria a symbol of the  new or old world of the Middle East? Ironically, the more secular Assad regime is closer to what most western nations would like to see in this region- societies in which both secular and religious groups work in a coalition. It is not happening in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood seeks complete power.

Life is strange when a murderer like Assad raises interestint points.