Hey Matey–We’re After Pirates Of Somalia

American sailors will soon be standing on the deck of ships whose sails will billow in the wind while the sabres are drawn and landing hooks prepared to assault pirates lurking below in swift boats. The UN has passed a resolution allowing intensive military action against Somalia pirates who pushed the envelope of piracy a bit too much. Vice Admiral Bill Gortney is prepared for action. “We’re going to aggressively go after these pirates” once the legal system of courts centered in Kenya are ready to go in prosecuting the daring Somalians. Gortney noted there is still uncertainty regarding the rules of engagement and are there limits as to the power to be used in destroying the pirates.

Up to this point the international community has been uncertain as to what could be done to end piracy. The UN resolution apparently authorizes attacking pirates both on sea as well as on land and this could result in destruction of their home bases. An interesting problem is where are captured pirates kept while waiting for trial?

Hopefully, a war against pirates will not entail the Bush fiasco of establishing a gulag to hold those deemed enemies of the state.