Hey Tea Party-What About The Dog?

New evidence has just emerged that prior to the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June, 1941, the most important issue confronting the Foreign Office was the case of Jackie, a dog in Finland. The dog’s owner, Tor Borg allegedly had trained Jackie to raise his paw in the air like a German who responded to “Heil Hitler” with a straight arm in the air. According to historian, Klaus Hillenbrand, the Foreign Office has “nothing better to do than to obsess about this dog.” They even had the German Embassy in Helsinki summon Mr. Borg and make him undergo an interrogation into the issue of did the dog thrust his paw into the air. German corporations which did business with Borg threatened to cut off ties unless he did something about restricting the do from placing his paw into the air.

This story has relevance to contemporary America. The Tea Party is concerned as to whether President Obama was born in America, but I have yet to see a single story about the dog Obama bought for his daughters. Was it an AMERICAN DOG? Does the president have a birth certificate proving the dog was born in this country? Or, does the president of our great nation go around purchasing foreign born dogs for his children? We demand to know! Isn’t it time for Rep. Pete King to undertake an investigation as to whether or not this dog is an agent of Muslim terrorists?