Hezbollah And Iran

Among the great non-secrets of the Middle East is that Iran funds terrorist groups in the region. Hassan Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah in Lebanon, publicly admitted for the first time that his party was solely funded and equipped by Iran. He also made clear that Iran was not exerting pressure on his group to become involved in war if Israel launched an attack on their nuclear facilities. “I tell you that the Iranian leadership will  not ask Hezbollah to do anything. On that day, we will sit, think and decide what we will do.”

The most important issue in dealing with Iran is not whether Israel or the US could launch an attack on their facilities. The issue is what happens, AFTER THE ATTACK. There is no question Iran could facilitate suicide bombers striking in Israel and it probably could have some form of attacks in the US. Of course, the other question is whether bombing nuclear facilities will end the prospect of Iran getting nuclear weapons.