Hezbollah Defeated In Lebanon

Barack Obama sent a message to Muslims in the Middle East that it was time to put an end to extremism and move in the direction of attaining peace. The people of Lebanon sent a message to Hezbollah that allowing them to gain control of the government would make peace in their own country and the region difficult to attain. A win by Hezbollah would have strengthened forces seeking to continue bloodshed and impede opportunities for peace. Early results projected the pro-West alliance gaining 67 seats in the next parliament versus 52 for Hezbollah and its allies. The key battles in Christian districts where pro-Western candidates defeated Christians who were seeking an alliance with Hezbollah.

The people of Lebanon apparently feared a victory for Hezbollah would only lead to increased Iranian influence in their nation and greater involvement in Hebollah attempts to aid radical groups in Gaza and other areas of the Middle East.