Hezbollah In Syria

Two years have gone by in which over 70,000 people have been murdered in Syria due to refusal of President Bashar al-Assad to show concern and love for his own people. Israel intelligence now suggests during this time period a 50,000 strong military force has emerged in Syria whose goals protecting President Assad from his own people. This “people’s army” has and is being trained by Hezbollah forces  with the aid of Iran. Each day the Syrian air force bombs the people of Syria while Hezbollah troops enter the country in order to further aims of Iran and the Syrian government. Both Iran and Hezbollah do not wish democracy to come to Syria or witness the emergence of political force whose goals do not include allowing Iran or Hezbollah power.

Even as rebels seize towns and provinces, a new army is prepared to enter the country and regain what Assad has lost. On one hand Hezbollah is fighting in Syria in defense of its government, on the other hand, al-Qaeda and religious Salafists are fighting to get rid of Assad. We now have a stand off in which opposing terrorists confront one another.