Hezbollah To The Attack!

Hezbollah has sent its forces into Syria in order to assist President Bashar al-Assad in his struggle with rebels demanding an end to the dictatorship which has ruled the nation for fifty years. Rebels reported that rockets were fired by Hezbollah units on their positions and that members of that organization are now fighting alongside Assad forces. Hezbollah has long been an ally of Iran and the Syrian regime.

As rebel troops in Syria fight to gain control of border villages they come in contact with Hezbollah forces which are strong in those areas. Some reports indicate that thousands of Hez bollah militants are now in Syria. The presence of Hezbollah simply adds another twist to the confused world of the Middle East.

Hezbollah is mainly Shiite. Most Palestinians are mainly Sunni. Most Palestinains support  rebels in Syria. So, we now have a group claiming to be on the side of Palestinians attacking people that are supported by Palestinians. Perhaps, the world now understands why Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can do what he desires since his opponents are hopelessly divided.