Hidden Costs Of Bush Follies

Six years ago, former President George Bush initiated the ill fated invasion of Iraq and was oblivious as to its consequences on the lives of members of the armed forces. Spc. Leydi Mendoza was deployed to Iraq and decided to give her boy friend, Daniel Liares, who lives with his parents, temporary custody of her daughter. She returned home to discover there was no one greeting her and when she tried to resume joint custody of the little girl, her now ex-boyfriend declined the offer. Liares took out a temporary restraining order and the case went to court.

The judge restored the rights of Spc. Mendoza to see her little daughter. Lost in this sad case is the responsibility of leaders like George Bush and his cohorts in crime, Cheney and Rumsfeld, not to rush to judgment until all alternatives have been explored to avoid war. American society will be dealing with the legacy of the Bush era for years to come. It is not just a little girl who was deprived of her mother, it was a society which was deprived of their right to justice.