Hidden Costs Of Iraq-Afghanistan Wars Double What Bush Claims

A report entitled, “The Hidden Costs of the Iraq War” says the cost of wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan was almost double what Bush has requested for military operations in 2008. Since both wars began, President Bush has essentially been give a carte blanche checkbook to spend whatever he claims is necessary because Democrats are either divided or unable to garner sufficient votes to overcome the 60 required in the Senate. The new report was prepared by Democrats and includes “hidden costs” such as higher oil prices, treatment of the war wounded, and interest on monies borrowed to fund both wars.” This report, states Senator Schumer, “makes crystal clear is that the cost to our country in lives lost and dollars spent is tragically unacceptable.” The total cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is expected to exceed $1.6 trillion. Schumer also notes that money spent on fighting wars is money diverted from being invested in productive aspects of the American economy.

Historians have noted that wars stimulate certain aspects of economies but also divert money from many productive components of a nation’s productive drive. Of course, no amount of money can compensate families of loved ones who have died in wars that never should have been fought.