Hidden Meaning Of Baseball Bat

The White House released a photo which shows the president speaking on the phone with Prime Minister Recep Erodgan. This photo has aroused conspiracy theorists all over the world. In order to alleviate their concerns, we offer valid reasons why Obama wanted to be photographed with a baseball bat in hand while speaking to a Muslim:

1.  He wanted Israel leaders to know that he would bang Erodgan over the head if he dared to say anything nasty to Israel.

2. He wanted to show support for his Chicago White Sox team.

3.  He just wanted everyone to know how he is battling to win this election.

4.  The bat is intended to make clear to Tea Party folk that if they continue attacking the government they will have guns taken away and replaced by bats.

5. Sign of a frustrated athlete who spends time watching the Olympics?

6. If you had to deal with the idiot Republican party,wouldn’t you keep a bat handy?

7. It is a well known fact that members of the Israel Mossad must carry a bat at all times in case they meet a Palestinian who opposes West Bank settlers.