High In Colorado

The famous singer, John Denver, once wrote a beautiful song about getting high in Colorado, and if he were alive today most probably would have added a few new verses to this celebration of getting high in the high mountains of Colorado. In the resort area of Vad Valley where those with gobs of money gather to display their clothes and cars and wealth, a new gadget has arrived in town that will soon become a new center of attention. It is a vending machine that is called: Zazzz. It is the first identity verifying vending machine that dispenses joy to one and all. Place your money into the machine and it will draw upon state-of-the-art technology in order to identify who you are and then, if the proper age, allow you to obtain marijuana.

You may now purchase edible marijuana products along with other forms and shapes of marijuana. Yesterday, Kristie Kirk was on a 911 phone call for nearly a half hour seeking aid and assistance because her husband was really high after consuming an edible marijuana product. She pleaded and begged, but in the end he killed her.

I assume this means one can get high in Colorado in order to engage in some low actions of violence and hatred!