High Tech Low Balls Cain

Ann Coulter is upset at them liberals who are trying to deny the American people an opportunity to vote for a black man. Oh, that guy, Barack, whatever, he is not a real black guy, sort of one of them dark on outside white on inside fellows.  Herman Cain has been charged by two women with sexual harassment while he headed the National Restaurant Association. They claim to have been given a pay out in order to end their law suit. According to Ann, it is simply another liberal high tech lynch job.

Herman denies any involvement in sexual escapades. “The bullseye on my back has gotten bigger” says the man who loves to joke around. The women claim he did things that made them “angry” and “uncomfortable.” Gee, if it is sexual harassment to become angry and uncomfortable, then Herman has made the entire American nation ready for a law suit against him.

Frankly, for most Americans we prefer sexual harassment charges than his economic charges. Actually, the man is not running so much for president as he is for money, –gobs of it.

OH, Rush is also upset because liberals are just plain terrified of this man who is conservative, big, and black. Then again, Rush is short, fat, and sort of white.

Tune in tomorrow for the latest story involving the big, black, conservative man who sure is not conservative about opening his mouth and getting in trouble!