Hijab Clad Rapper For Women!!

Most Americans continue to believe in the claptrap that emanated from the Bush headquarters about “the Muslims” as though everyone of the Muslim faith shared exactly the same ideas as those of Osama bin Laden and any terrorist that wandered into the world arena. It is akin to say that “Americans” believe in killing babies or are all gun fanatics spending their days engaged in playing, not with their penis, but with its equivalent, one’s gun. Myam Mahmoud is an 18 year old Egyptian rap singer who wears a hijab and raps her way through the day fighting for women rights. She lives in Egypt, a nation in which the overwhelming majority of women report being sexually abused at one point or another in life. Myam listened to western and Middle Eastern rappers which led her, hijab and all, to fight for the rights of women in the Middle East.

“What got me started, what really angered me was Arab rap songs that constantly criticized the way women dress.” When posed questions about wearing the hijab, Myam calmly notes “I am not telling people what to do. I tell them they have the right to choose.” It is time to end the nonsense of the existence of a “Muslim civilization.” The world is different in Turkey than it is in Saudi Arabia!