Hijab Or Women Rights In Kuwait?

The issue of wearing or not wearing the hijab or niqab continues to excite the interest of those both within and without Muslim nations. There are two unveiled MPs in the National Assembly of Kuwait and they are being pressured to wear a hijab when attending sessions of the lelgislature. MP Aseel Al-Awadhi told a seminar group “the issue before us today is not about the hijab–rather it challenges the way we live.” The women are reacting to an edict from the Fatwa Department which said the wearing of a hijab is compulsory for all women including those who are members of the National Assembly.

Female MPs charge that Islamist extreme groups are attempting to alter the laws and culture of Kuwait by imposing the requirement that all women wear the hijab. MP Rola Dashti said the edict was “nothing but an attack on the principles of the modern Kuwaiti way of living” and, although others had a right to express their views, “they cannot enforce restrictions.”

Sounds like a storm in a hijab to me.

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