Hillary Clinton Backs International Court

Among the tragedies of the Bush era was abandonment by America of its responsibilities to work with other nations in the cause of peace. During the past twenty years, Republicans have rejected any call for becoming a member of organizations such as the International Criminal Court as allowing foreigners to tell we Americans what to do. Ironically, it was a Republican, Wendell Wilkie, who after losing the presidential race in 1940, joined with President Roosevelt in fighting for new international organizations and wrote the book, “One World.” America’s work to establish the United Nations was a bipartisan endeavor in which Republicans and Democrats worked together as Americans.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently voiced regret that the United States was not a member of the International Criminal Court. It is time to cease allowing flat Earthers to decide American policy and to recapture the dream of Democrats and Republicans fifty years ago that their country would work with all nations of the world to end war, poverty and hate.

P.S. It is also time for the Supreme Court to recognize legal decisions throughout the world in formulating their own decisions.