Hillary Clinton- Is It A New Journey?

The fat lady has walked off the stage, the opera is over and now as patrons depart, the real question is what is the singer going to do tomorrow now that she has a sore throat. Senator Clinton announced the campaign is over, Obama has won, and she will speak to the nation this weekend about her future plans. Senator Clinton has it within her power
to shape the course of the next election. Throughout the political careers of Bill and Hillary Clinton there has always been a sense of narcissistic entitlement in which their individual careers always take precedence over party or national interests. To each person there comes a moment in life when we can go beyond ourselves and become part of something larger. If Hillary Clinton chooses the course of divisiveness and discord, she will end her political career in shame. However, if she begins from the postion this nation, and the world, needs an end to George Bush as well as George Bush, light–John McCain–she will truly become the first women leader of this nation. One does not require a title or office to lead.

If Senator Obama decides he wants Clinton as his running mate, the Democratic party will be in good shape, if he decides he wants someone like Senators Jim Webb or Chuck Hagel, he can still win the election. The nation expects Senator Clinton to campaign as vigorously for Obama as she did for herself.