Hillary Clinton Fights For African Rights

During her political career, Hillary Clinton has labored to be respected as an intelligent leader due to her husband’s prominence, but in Hillary Clinton’s fight for African rights she has landed on center stage of human rights. After bluntly telling east African leaders they had to do something about the carnage in the Congo and failures of human rights in Zimbabwe, she arrived in Liberia to the shouts of thousands of people. Many held up signs saying, “Hillary Clinton Woman of Substance.” She was in Liberia to make clear her support of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first woman to lead an African nation.

Sirleaf inherited a nation that had endured a brutal civil war from 1989-2003 during which time over 250,000 were killed and the entire nation left in ruins. Clinton told Liberians, “We are supportive and will continue to be so because we think that Liberia is on the right tract, as difficult as that may be.” During her tour, the Secretary of State has gone out of her way to praise the efforts of African women. “If African women decided to stop working tomorrow, the whole continent would shut down. People wouldn’t eat, crops wouldn’t be planted or harvested.”