Hillary Clinton Opposes Internet Censorship

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has decided to challenge the move of nations like China to impose censorship on what their citizens can access via the Internet. She intends to make clear that Internet freedom is not just about freedom of expression, but about what kind of world we live in. Does the modern world allow all inhabitants equal access to knowledge or is there to be a new form of segregation in which some people are able to draw upon the sum total of all knowledge without restrictions while others are told by government what they can or can not learn? She is speaking in light of the decision by Google to withdraw from China due to ongoing government censorship.

A spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry said foreign companies must abide by the laws of his country, and that includes Google. Within a decade millions of books will be available on Internet as well as material from science and political science journals. How can a modern scientists be productive without access to these materials? A new world is aborning and it is predicated on the assumption knowledge must be available to all people on an equal basis.