Hillary Clinton Spokesperson Blasts Obama!

Bradley Manning is most probably the individual who is responsible for the Wikileaks. Many reading these words may have differing views as to what should be done to the man who told the world what was going on among our diplomats. One could argue that Manning was irresponsible and should be punished, but his punishment is now the subject of investigation as to whether the man is being tortured. P.J. Crowley, assistant secretary of state for public affairs, and the spokesperson for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, expressed open criticism of the president of the United States. He informed an audience that “what is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous, and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the Department of Defense.” Even as he spoke those words, the president told the media he had been given assurances by the Defense Department that terms of Manning’s “confinement are appropriate and are meeting our basic standards.”

Frankly, we go with Crowley’s comment of stupidity. Of course, if Crowley is correct then the comment by President Obama is not correct. But, then again, Barack Obama used to teach constitutional law and I am certain he also told his students the Gestapo was meeting its standards when interrogating prisoners.