Hillary Clinton–Two State Solution Is Solution!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear it was the intention of the Obama administration to work for the creation of a Palestinian state. “We happen to believe that moving towards a two-state solution is in Israel’s best interests.” She was with Prime Minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu who has been lukewarm about the idea of a Palestinian state in the near future. As of this point, Netanyahu only talks about improving the Palestinian economy and refused to take a stand for the rights of Palestinians to have their own nation. He told reporters the issue did not come up in his talks with Clinton even though she told the press conference the United States “will be vigorously engaged in pursuit of the two state solution.

Clinton has already announced an $800 million grant to help rebuild Gaza which was destroyed by Israel last year. Secretary of State insisted Hamas must cease rocket attacks. The problem in the Middle East is Hamas lacks any sense of how to work for peace and Israel has become a nation ruled by fear which saps its ability to think in creative ways about attaining peace in the region. Hillary Clinton is absolutely right in saying it will take a strong stand by the Obama administration to achieve peace in the Middle East.