Hillary Clinton Wants Kenya Accounting

Last year the nation of Kenya was wracked by horrible violence following the disputed election of Kibaki which was challenged by opposition leader Odinga. During the ensuing chaos, hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes as sectarian and political groups clashed. It is estimated thousands were killed or injured during the riots. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on an extended visit to African nations and in her first stop in Kenya she berated the nation’s leaders for failure to follow up the violence with a serious investigation into who was behind the killings.

There has been talk of a investigation by the International Criminal Court in order to establish the bottom line in African nations that when an election is stolen, those responsible for violence will be held accountable. She urged establishment of a Special Tribunal with independent investigative power, but this most probably will not happen.

Kenya can establish a precedent by initiating an independent investigation and it would send a message to neighboring Zimbabwe where President Mugabe continues to violate the law by harassing opposition leaders following his own fraudulent election.

  • stan squires

    I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that the united states gov. is part of the problem in africa.The different countries of africa got nothing to learn from the american gov.The only interest that the usa got in africa is getting the oil and other natural resourses from there.There is no african couintry that ever got any benefits from theUS. gov.The only country that did anything for the benefit of african countries is Cuba.The cuban gov. helped to end apartheid in south africa while the USA,Canada and european govs.supported the apartheid gov.The cuban gov also sent many doctors and nurses and school teachers to many african countries.The other countries didn’t do that.Also the cuban gov. don’t tell the govs. of the different african countries how to run their countries like the US. and other govs. do.

    Stan squires

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Cuba certainly sent doctors to African nations, but the Cuban government intervened in the civil war in Angola. I have never seen any evidence the Cuban government played any role in ending apartheid in south africa.